Guangdong Jinbali Ceramics Co. Ltd is a well established ceramic producing company founded in 1998. Since the foundation, Guangdong Jinbali has maintained an excellent market reputation for large-scale ceramic production. The company is located in Guangdong Province’s "Southland pottery - Foshan city ", which holds the country’s largest building ceramic production industry. With the help of advanced machinery, as well as a modern laboratory committed to the research and development of new technological solutions, Guangdong Jinbali aims at producing excellent quality ceramic tiles for its customers. Innovation has become the drive behind our new producing strategy, a principle that has given us the competence to cater for different lifestyles all around the world. What makes our company more formidable is the ability to satisfy the consumers’ ever-changing and unique taste. Moreover, in the bid to achieve our goals without putting the environment at risk we have adopted the environmental protection concept in ceramics production.
Guangdong Jinbali Ceramics Co. Ltd will take part in the 124th Canton Fair.

GuangDong JINBALI Ceramics Co.,LTD.

TEL: 86-0757-86837950

FAX: 86-0757-86837952


Mobile: 13927719424

Address: Foshan Industrial Zone, Nanhai District, Guangdong, Xiqiao

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